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Star Trek Online will introduce the player Starbases feature soon with the new Season 6. This new feature will, for the first time, allow players to create their own Starbases. STO's lead artist Jeremy Mattson has posted about the design process along with some artwork and screenshots. Read on.

23. May, 2012Tags: MMO Blog

We’ve discussed before the “single-player MMO,” the idea that you’re following a certain quest path but you’re doing so without any help from anybody else. Sure, you’ll see others running around, you might even have the occasional discussion or trade with them, but for the most part you find yourself going solo. It’s a problem that I can’t imagine it’s easy to circumnavigate, how do you create a game knowing that it’s going to be populated by a constant flow of fair, cooperative, friendly people and build the game around that? The answer is simple: you can’t.

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Wargaming has announced the latest content update for its combat MMO game World of Tanks. The new update introduces two brand new game modes; Encounter Battle and Assault as well as adding new French tanks and long range SPG's for the tactical minded players.

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