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  in Lord of the Rings Online
lotro warsteed

Lord of the Rings Online's Mounted Combat has been one of the major features introduced in 2012. Previous updates to the MMORPG continues to improve the mechanics of the mounted combat. The latest Update 11: Treachery of the White Hand introduced new class-specific traits that enhances mounted combat skills. It also removed the bonuses to mobility from traits and added them to the base steed. LotRO's Mounted Combat has been developed in years and it looks like Turbine is going to continue improving it in the coming updates.

  in End of Nations, News

End of Nations was going to be the greatest MMORTS game ever. Why? Because it was actually an RTS, as opposed to the asyncronous time-wasters that usually make up the MMORTS genre. Well, no anymore. The developers behind End of Nations have rebranded the game as a MOBA, calling it the first MOBA RTS.

Why have they done it, and what does it mean for what was one of the most promising games of the last year?

  in Firefall, News

As the open beta has launched for Firefall, the open world shooter from Red 5 Studios, the developer has announced the 1st Firefall Open Beta tournament : "Go4Firefall". Go4Firefall is going to be open to players from all around the world and it will be offering cash prizes to Firefall teams. The new eSports game type "Jetball" will be the official game of the tournament when it begins on August 4th. Red 5 states that these tournaments will be held every month and prizes will range from $1,000 to $5,000.

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