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Firefall Gameplay Diary: Tiger Claw Episode

04. April, 2013Tags: Firefall, MMO Blog

Tiger Claw battleframe in FirefallWe continue looking at Firefall's battleframes after the latest changes to the game's progression system as well as the update to the battleframe tech tree system. Now that the tech tree is based on three main attributes mass, power and cores. Today's battleframe is ODM7 Tiger Claw. Tiger Claw has great speed and maneuverability. If you watched out Mammoth episode, we weren't really happy with Mammoth's slow speed, if you are looking for something fast and good, Tiger Claw may be your best bet.


Firefall : Battleframes

TigerclawFirefall random gameplay diary continues with episode 3. This is the second episode this week after a long time since we had the first episode. As Red 5 Studios has updated the game with some drastic changes, we thought it was the best time to take a look at battleframes with the new tech tree system and the new progression system in Firefall.

Now that the battleframes are made up of three important attributes: Power, Speed and Cores, choosing the right battleframe is more straight forward. As you already know your own playing style and your expectations from a battleframe for a certain mission, looking at the distribution of these three factors in a battleframe is the first thing you should do. 

Today we will be testing the Tiger Claw battleframe. The ODM-7 Tiger Claw is a decent battleframe. I say decent because it's really an all round battleframe with great speed and maneuverability. After Mammoth, Tiger Claw makes you feel like you're flying. Unfortunately, it doesn't have neither the power nor the defensive abilities of a Mammoth. For a person like myself, who likes recon missions and recon roles, Tiger Claw makes sense. You can quickly go into an area, tag all the enemies and escape without any damages. 

Once again, choosing the right battleframe depends on your role and the mission. Red 5 is turning Firefall into a game where you can't do much on your own (it's an MMO anyway, right?). Pretty much every battleframe has its strengths and weaknesses. However the weak sides are not to be neglected and they put you in a position where you desperately look for someone who would compensate for your shortcomings. But then you are allowed to have as many battleframes as you want and you can switch to another frame whenever you need to. 

Tiger Claw is best for missions where you need to be fast and won't need to defend yourself or your allies. Tiger Claw is not made for defending but it's perfect for eluding enemies in any condition. I was out of ammo a couple of times and it was not a problem with Tiger Claw's high speed, I was able to avoid enemies and get myself to a safe position. This was quite impossible with Mammoth or the Rhino which we will be looking at in the next episode. That's it for now but follow us on YouTube for more gameplay videos for Firefall and other MMOs.

Tiger Claw screenshots

Tiger Claw battleframe screenshot 01

Tiger Claw battleframe screenshot 02

Tiger Claw battleframe screenshot 03

Tiger Claw battleframe from Firefall

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