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Guild Wars 2 Diary #24: Killer Instinct & Ebonhawke

23. February, 2013Tags: Guild Wars 2, Guild Wars 2 Diary, MMO Blog

Guild Wars 2 Diary episode 24Guild Wars 2 is going to change again very soon, with new features and bug fixes bound to change the way we play. This is our last reminder that if you want to finish the first part of the Living Story, you’ll need to get it done before Tuesday. Everything else in the patch should at least be comparable – there’s not going to be anything you just can’t do – but you won’t even be able to help out the refugees again. It’s a long, thankless task, and I can understand why there are so many people complaining. I’m just glad that I’m done with it and, until next week, we can put the Living Story behind us and carry on with the main plot.


Guild Wars 2 - Gameplay Review Episode 24


We’ve been here before. Ebonhawke was the location of that raid a couple of weeks ago, where we fought through the city, taking on small bands of enemies and clearing out certain areas. Getting here can be quite difficult, especially since the green location markers don’t really work depending which areas you’re in.

If you’re in the east – and given the game’s focus on the Living Story, there’s a good chance that you will be – the objective marker will be towards the south east. Following this marker will take you through an area thick with high level enemies and it’s unlikely you’ll make it through to Ebonhawke at this point in the game.

Guild Wars 2 Gameplay Review Episode 24 - Screenshot 1

The other option – which you’ll see as an objective marker if you’re further west – is to travel through a number of portals. No, it doesn’t let you know that travelling from Divinity’s Reach is an option (although we used the portal a few weeks prior – this would take checking your map during you mission to work out), but that you must travel through the nearest portal. Mine took me from Hoelbrak to Lion’s Arch, from Lion’s Arch to the middle of Divinity’s Reach and I then had to fast travel to the other side of the city to reach Ebonhawke.

Don't forget to grab the waypoints

Ebonhawke is a small settlement down in the southeast. There are a few renown heart quests to do, neither of which will take you too much time, and a few waypoints to grab. If you want to gain a bonus bit of experience, now’s the time to do it. There’s also a few events to take part in, especially if you head out north towards the objective marker.

A brief warning about battle. If you’ve been following the Living Story, you’ll be used to fighting enemies of a much lower level. The enemies in this neck of the woods will hit harder and take longer to kill. Your health and other attributes will be altered to make up for it, but it’s still worth noting you’ll be fighting creatures of around levels 34-36. Make sure you’re capable of that before heading into the objective marker and continuing the story…

Guild Wars 2 Gameplay Review Episode 24 - Screenshot 2

Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct is a short mission, it’ll take only a few minutes to complete, but it will be quite difficult for lower levelled players. You probably only have to kill about nine enemies, but they’re bunched in tight groups of three and if you can’t handle that, you’ve got no chance of getting through it unscathed. The area is small enough that you could probably just do the respawn trick and run back into the fray after dying, but I’d suggest a little extra levelling if you’ve got the time. There are plenty of events and renown heart quests in the surrounding area and you’ll easily go up at least a level, just be careful not to journey too far north. The level of the enemies rises very quickly and you won’t be able to handle it.

Warmaster Kernsson is waiting for you, once you’ve hit the objective marker. We’ve arrived at the camp of the Charr who raided Ebonhawke. They’re an unorganized, lazy bunch, and actually, as we approach them, they lie on the floor, sleeping. You’ll get a few hits in before they’ve even stood up, and first group of Charr will easily fall.

This camp is poorly built and not very well manned. The separatists and renegades believe that peace between the Charr and the humans is a bad thing, but they’ll fall into place soon enough if you show them where their beliefs might lead them.  Kill everything in your sight, and when they’re finished, let Kernsson flame the rest out of their tents. Each tent contains a couple of enemies and between you and Kernsson, they’ll fall before they really get a chance to attack.

Once you’ve cleared the tents, the boss for this mission will appear. Pyzor Ironmane isn’t in charge of the renegades, but he knows who is and if you hit him hard enough, he’s bound to crumble. It’s not a difficult fight, although there’s certainly a couple of things to watch. His mine attack can do quite a lot of damage, and he’s going to target pretty much wherever you’re standing. To counter this, keep moving. You should at least have a basic understanding of the dodge system by now, and if you can time that properly you’ll probably squeeze out a couple extra hits.

Kernsson seems unaffected by the mines, and Ironmane certainly is. The latter is more interested in you though, so even if you just leave the fight entirely and focus on avoiding damage, it’s probably just a matter of time before you finish Killer Instinct. Simple, sweet and swift – you’ll be done before you know.

Guild Wars 2 Gameplay Review Episode 24 - Screenshot 3

What Ironmane says after he’s been defeated is worrying. The rest of his team have gone to ambush a couple of diplomats discussing peace – they’re going to make it look like one stabbed the other. This is bound to set back the treaty years – exactly what the renegades want – and the only people who know what’s about to go down are you and Kernsson. Not only that, but the man in charge of the murder is related to the head of the Vigil. The stakes are very high…


Killer Instinct is a really easy mission, it’s not very long either. It’s still important though, as it points you towards the inner turmoil of the Vigil and towards the place you’ll be taking amongst its members. The world of Tyria seems rather uncomplicated on the surface, but there are wars and rebellions happening everywhere. The people causing this trouble aren’t going to back down without a fight. The next mission, Don’t Shoot the Messenger, has us defending the human and charr diplomats and, hopefully, avoiding another full blown battle.

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