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25. June, 2013Tags: MMO Blog

The idea of a completely digital future is one that's been discussed often lately, thanks to the Xbox One and its attempts at changing the way we interact with our content. MMO gamers have been living the digital life for years, but perhaps even they would rather have certain things delivered on disk? Who doesn't love the idea of a content-filled special edition, or a fresh "new game smell?"

And then the disk drive in your PlayStation 3 breaks and you realize that going fully digital might not be all that bad...

24. June, 2013Tags: Firefall, MMO Blog

Firefall diary episode 1Firefall Diary is a new series at DevilsMMO. From this Monday, we will be taking you to New Eden every week for a new adventure in Red 5 Studios' free to play shooter MMO "Firefall". In this opening episode, we are going to start with the basics of resource extracting. In Firefall, collecting resources is done using a Thumper. With a Thumper and a scanner device, you can detect resources under ground and extract them by drilling into the ground with your Thumper device. 

24. June, 2013Tags: MMO Blog

Prime World 1I've been playing a lot of Prime World in the last few days. Prime World is a new MOBA game that adds MMORTS and MMORPG elements to the overall adventure, as well as a series of single player quests. None of this can count as reinventing the wheel, but it works. It feels fresh and fun without ever feeling as "by the numbers" as the average game in those individual genres. It doesn't need to be as good, it just needs to try something original.

How long can this go on for though? How long can we just blend genres before we run out of genres to blend?

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