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23. June, 2013Tags: Defiance, Defiance Diary, MMO Blog

Defiance Verdant Ridge gameplayHaving played shooters for over 20 years, I have developed a playing style that is more traditional and less open to changes in the genre. I have my own set of rules that either draws me into or pushes me away from a game. Last year, I enjoyed playing Firefall and Blacklight Retribution and maybe a few other shooter MMOs. In 2013, I liked two shooters mainly; Defiance and Soldier Front 2. Keep in mind, I am talking specifically about MMOs. Today, in this new episode of Defiance, I ‘d like to talk about the things that makes me like Defiance more than other shooters.

21. June, 2013Tags: MMO Blog

akaneiroAkaneiro: Demon Hunters isn't an MMO. At the minute it's single player, but even when the multiplayer is added, it still won't be an MMO. In much of what it does - in the way you own and play it - it's very MMO-like though, almost obviously so. And while part of this may harken back to the days of shareware, there's something about it that's startlingly familiar. Is this the start of a new trend? How well will it work?

18. June, 2013Tags: Defiance, Defiance Diary, MMO Blog

cronkhite bunker- defianceThis has taken me longer to play and longer to write. Last week, when I completed the “Into the Depths” mission, Trion Worlds had announced the new content update “The Plague”. The Plague was about an infection that’s started to spread from San Francisco all the way to the town of Defiance. Arkhunters were called to help stop this from spreading. It was only a matter of time, the town of Defiance was going to be invaded by zombies. Similar to other Defiance updates, The Plague is a crossover event, tied to the TV Show as well. As you are reading this, the new episode of Defiance "If I Ever Leave The World Alive" will be out and we will have seen the aftermath of the Plague, and not everyone would survive.

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