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06. July, 2013Tags: Guild Wars 2, Guild Wars 2 Diary, MMO Blog

guild wars 2 world vs world tipsIn our last diary entry we took a look at what made the World Vs World section of Guild Wars 2 so special. It’s fun, it’s huge, it helps you with your main quest – but it has its problems as well. Part of that is down to the fact that you can’t have non-stop action all of the time, and part of it is that we’re not quite to the point, connection-wise, where we can actually support the bits that have non-stop action. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

This week, I thought we’d go through a few tips that may or may not help you beat the competition in the mists. Feel free to add your own below.

05. July, 2013Tags: MMO Blog, Soldier Front 2

Tonight's Devil's Daily was going to be about Soldier Front 2's Fun House mode. It's a fun, innovative game that takes place in an arena entirely made out of glass. You can shoot out panels, which causes enemies to drop to a large spiked floor below, but the more you shoot, the less room there is for you to move around. It was my favourite part of Soldier Front 2 Early Access, and one of the reasons I recommended people take part in the open beta.

It was going to be about that, but it isn't. As I tried to log in this evening, I was met with an unusual message. "This game is only available in North America..."

I'd been region locked.

04. July, 2013Tags: News

Mature MMORPGs. What does that phrase conjure up for you? Probably the same sorts of things that the word 'mature' inspires in everybody, when linked with video games: boobs and violence. Oh, and hints of rape.

You can keep your dark story in which millions are slaughtered. You can keep your exposed cleavage and knee length bosom. You can even keep your gratuitous violence. These aren't the sorts of things that give credence a certain game being mature or not. They're adult, but they're not mature.

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