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01. June, 2013Tags: Guild Wars 2, Guild Wars 2 Diary, MMO Blog

mmo fatigue in guild wars 2We’ve all been there and in every MMO, there comes a point where you no longer feel the momentum of the story, you no longer fancy running random events with strangers and you just stand back and say “well, what’s this game got left for me?” After over 8 months of playing Guild Wars 2 on a weekly basis, I’ve come to this point. How do you stop from feeling Guild Wars 2 fatigue? What do you do when you’re feeling bored? In this week’s diary, we find the answer, and take a look at some of the natural beauty within Tyria.

It may be less than a fortnight since we first started searching for the Secret of Southsun, but that hasn’t stopped ANet announcing another Guild Wars 2 expansion for the end of the month. If Last Stand at Southsun is any indication of how things are going to progress, the move to bi-weekly updates is going to do nothing to lower the amount of content we should expect.

Available from May 28th, this is one of the biggest Living Story updates yet. How much it will appeal to you depends entirely on how you play and who you play with.

no more renown heart questsThe Hylek have recognised you as their new champion and have realized that they’ve done nothing but fed the dragon’s war machine all this time. They turn to you for guidance, they turn to you for protection – that might end up being their biggest mistake. In this week’s Guild Wars diary, we watch as a village burns under a Risen attack, and we examine the usefulness of Renown Heart quests. Are you still doing them? Still aiming for 100%?

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