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Allods: Hide & Seek Event

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Allods Online will have a special event on Friday. The event is called "Hide and Seek." If you logon to Allods Online on Friday, May 20th and be one of the first three people to find the ninja GM's in their hiding spots, you will win 5 Scrolls of Knowledge. 


We love MMORPG special events. Here is another one at Allods Online. Find the GM's and win prizes.

If you have not played this free MMORPG before, you can get it for free:

About Allods Online :

Info: Planet Sarnaut, a peaceful planet once has a long history. Human kingdom of the Zem, the Elven kingdom of Airin, the human kingdom of the June are some of the civilizations that ruled these lands. After the discovery of a stone named Meteorite, discovered by Sven the fisherman, Astral ships were invented and this started the Era of Astral Travel. The technology ignited the war between the League and the Empire. Traveling between the allods, using the new Astral ships war continued. 


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