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Faxion: Your Final Chapter Contest

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Faxion Your Final Chapter Contest

UTV Ignition games, publisher of Faxion Online has announced on its official message board that they will be holding a special contest: Your Final Chapter Contest. As exciting as the name sounds, this contest will ask players to tell their story on how they made their way to the afterlife. There are no limits and every writer will receive 65 tokens and the best story writer will receive 1000 Faith as an additional bonus.



From Faxion Online Forums: ( read it all @ )


We're kicking off the Your Final Chapter Contest, where we give players a chance to tell their story! Or perhaps more accurately, how their story ended. So, how did you make your way to the afterlife? Nothing too gruesome we hope.

We don't want to limit you, but some suggestions you might consider: Your description of the series of events that ushered you into the afterlife, of the difficult choices presented to you upon arrival, and exploring the wildly diverse territories of Limbo. Or perhaps, of finding your lost love on the battlefield, only to discover they made the "wrong" choice. Your options are as endless as eternity itself.

The player or players whose tales peaks our interest without triggering our gag reflex will be eligible for some pretty cool prizes. Bonus points to anyone who matches Faxion's uniquely quirky humor! The authors of our favorite stories will win 65 Tokens each, with the best short story earning an additional 1,000 Faith!

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