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S4 League : Summer clothes and discounts

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s4 league summer collection

Alaplaya has got surprises for S4 League players. The game has been updated with the addition of Summer Clothes. That's not the only surprise. Alaplaya is also offering discount on all shop items. Read on for details.



S4 League is one of the hottest shooter MMOs out there and Alaplaya is doing a good job updating the game regularly. The summer collection is added to the game for players to customize their characters for summer time.

There is also a 20% on all shop items until tomorrow night. So if you have been planning to buy an item, don't miss this chance.

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This summer we have a casual approach to the beach - the G's Vacation set for guys and the G's Leopard Bikini set for girls, just right for some hot matches.

The G's Capsules are now in the shop, and the sets come with a 5% EXP bonus, a casual accessory (the Vacation set includes a straw hat and a pair of sunglasses accompanies the Leopard Bikini set) and premium AP stats on every part of the permanent sets. In addition, you also have a chance to receive up to 100 coins or 100,000 PEN.

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