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Firefall Gameplay Diary Episode #1: Brontodon Hunt & Missing Cargo

in Firefall

Firefall Random Gameplay Episode 1Firefall is one of our favorite games. If you've been following us for a while, you've probably noticed that anyway. This weekend, we're starting a new series; Firefall Gameplay Random. The name speaks for itself. We will be sharing our Firefall gameplay videos every Sunday. These videos will consist of interesting and not so interesting scenes of Firefall. Mission walk-through, resource mining, some PvP action and more... Well, it's random. Continue reading for the first gameplay video.


Firefall Gameplay Random #1

It's only a couple weeks ago that I returned to playing Firefall Beta. With all the new games out there, I really didn't have the time to play the game since early September. As I had completely forgot about the Founders Package we purchased, I was back in game the last week of 2012. If you missed it, you can see my first look at ground vehicle: Locust.

This week, I spent some time with the single player missions. I usually don't like the single player missions in MMOs but Firefall's got some entertaining solo missions and when you don't have a buddy around to join a team PvP death-match or some PvE action together, you simply don't have much to do than completing the solo missions. Well you can also find someone thumpering alone and join him/her.

Firefall Gameplay Videos - Episode #1

Anyways, back to the mission of this week. Before I get to the mission, you will see that I had some quality time with the glider. Glider is really fun. Flying over the map of Firefall is amazing (maybe not only Firefall...). It looks fantastic from the sky as you try to make it to your destination with the glider. The glider takes some time to get used to. To control the glider just use the mouse and keep the mouse as still as possible. You can slowly turn left and right. Don't do anything too sudden or you will find yourself dead on the ground. Don't tell me I didn't warn ya!

Brontodons throw rock at you

He looks harmless? More on Brontodon->

As you can see in the video, I knew where I was landing. I find it relaxing to go for hunting in Firefall. There are many creatures in the game and this week I was after the Brontodons. Brotondons huge roaming herbivores who graze in small groups. They got this tusks they can use to flip vehicles over. I knew that part. What I didn't anticipate at first was that it could use the same tusk to throw enormous rocks at you! First time, I was caught off-guard and kudos to the Elder Brontodon, he had got me with one hit! The next time I was cautious. (see the video)

Shanafelt - Firefall Beta

Meet the crazy Shanafelt

After the Brontodon hunt, I was ready to continue with my current mission. As a part of the mission, I was told to find a missing cargo. Whatever is inside the cargo, it seemed to be important. You're directed to search inside a few bunkers and locate the missing cargo. The bunkers are full of Tanken Busters and Tanker Grenaders. I can't say it's any challenging so you can just dive into the bunker and clear the whole area in a couple of minutes. 

Headshot Tanken Grenader


That's the easy part. The hardest part seems to be talking to Lt. Shanafelt. He is living this fantasy and he seems to be happy that way. As we try to convince him into getting back to reality, he finally gives into Oilspill. As we say farewell to Shanafelt, we continue our mission and move onto the next checkpoint. Smuggler Tents. Smuggler Tents is full of mercenaries. Tanken Grenaders and Tanken Gunners. So it's not going to be like clearing the bunkers. We will continue Firefall Beta gameplay videos in the next weeks. Let me tell you something, don't go there alone!

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