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Age of Wushu: Blades, Swords and Daggers

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age of wushu and weaponsIf you are into martial arts in games, you must take a look at Age of Wushu before it's released in the West after its huge success in China. Today, we're taking another look at weapons available in Age of Wushu. Anyone who practices Wushu knows the importance of a weapon, whether it is a sword, blade or a dagger. Wushu masters say your weapon reflects your personality. Age of Wushu's developers have created the weapons in game according to this philosophy. So, the selection of a weapon is going to be as vital as customizing your character. Read on for details.


Age of Wushu: Blades, Swords and Daggers

Are you a sword guy, or a blade? Or maybe a dagger? Yeah, we are all gamepad guys but it's ok, today we are looking at the upcoming martial arts MMO game Age of Wushu and its collection of weapons.

As the martial art of Wushu is very much about weapons, as one powerful swordsman once said "No sword, no life.", if you plan to play Age of Wushu, you better get yourself familiar with these weapons. Once you start practicing Wushu in Age of Wushu, you will find that each weapon is a masterpiece and a piece of art, giving you the chance to reflect your style to all with your weapon. 

We all know how vital it is to customize a character in an MMO, or maybe your pet and your house, but in Age of Wushu, it looks like we are going to be spending a lot of time customizing a weapon. I don't know about you folks, but I have got my eye on those shiny blades. Let's take a better look at Blades first.

Age of Wushu - Blades


Blades are used for murder. (I am already reconsidering my choice here.) That's not what I am saying, it's from Wushu masters. As the kung fu novelist Gu Long said "The sword is noble in its elegance but the blade is a tool." Age of Wushu will offer all sorts of blades from double-bladed Wind Chase Blade to Royal Guard's Soul Losing Blade. It's all up to you!


Swords are ancient combat weapons. In Chinese culture, the sword is not like a blade and it's a single edged curved blade. (?) Yin Yang Sword, Tai Chi Sword, Breeze Sword are skills sets you will be able to choose in Age of Wushu. There will be various types of swords depending on your choice of a Wushu school.


Daggers are best if you don't want to be spotted with a weapon. You can conceal a dagger easily unlike a sword or a dagger. Assassins use daggers for a reason! Emei and Tangmen disciples swear by daggers and while Emei is suggested for females, Tangmen is best for male. 

Staffs, Throwing Knives, Rope Hooks, and more will be available in Age of Wushu and we will take a look at them next week.

Age of Wushu is going to be released in April. Find more on this martial arts MMORPG here->>

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