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Age of Wushu Community Outreach and Screenshots

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Age of Wushu Feint Example

Age of Wushu has started a new series over at the official site. Community Outreach. With Community Outreach, community managers will be discussing the MMORPG with players. In this first interview with Adrastos, he doesn't talk too much about the game but it gives us an idea whom Age of Wushu appeals to. He also points out to the lack of communication between developers and fans in most MMOs. There are also new screenshots released earlier today. Read on for the highlights of the interview and see the new screens.


Age of Wushu - Community Outreach Interview With Adrastos

Snail Games' Age of Wushu community moderator Pyre had a short interview with one of the community members. Adrastos. In the interview, Adrastos talked about his favorite video games, books, why he didn't have the chance to practice martial arts. What's most important to us, is the part that involves communication with the community. Age of Wushu fan Adrastos believes most MMO communities have problems communicating with the developers. 

Age of Wushu Wall Run

He has a point there. I can understand why gamers want to know what's going on and why developers find it difficult at times to communicate with fans. Some games like League of Legends or World of Warcraft simply have thousands of fans discussing the game on message boards. That, I can empathize with the devs. Developers can't be replying every single comment but we don't need that much as gamers. At the end of the day, all we ask for is that they keep us in the loop. Developer diaries and weekly community answers help when it's done regularly but sometimes developers choose to ignore some of the feedback. This doesn't necessarily mean that they deliberately ignore us. At this point, we gamers should always remember that these developers have responsibilities to their publishers too. Unless it's an indie game, there are topics they can not discuss freely.  

Age of Wushu

It's great to see that Age of Wushu, at least the community moderators seem to be aware of this communication problem with most MMOs but then again, we hear these promises all the time. Let's hope they keep the promise.

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