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Allods Online: Lords of Destiny Testing Launches Next Week

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Allods Online Lords of DestinyAllods Online's upcoming game expansion "Lords of Destiny" will launch on March 12th, 2013 but before its launch next month, Gala Networks is planning to give players the chance to test-drive the new content on test servers. The testing will begin February 22nd. The testing for the biggest end-game expansion of Allods Online will be open to all players but a group of selected players will have their current characters cloned to the testing server to see the end-game content. Read on for details.


Allods Online: Lords of Destiny to see the suface February 22nd

Allods Online's upcoming expansion Lords of Destiny is still over a month from its release in March but Gala Networks is willing to open the test servers and give players a chance to see the new content for the first time. So what is this expansion about? Lords of Destiny brings the biggest  changes to Allods Online’s endgame content since its release. Apart from the new content, developers have improved gameplay and added eight new Astral Allods. Every Astral Allod introduces new dungeon crawls for groups of 6 players while each instanced dungeon offers new challenges to players with new mini bosses along with a final boss. As you can imagine, the new dungeons will require more team-work and well thought strategies.

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Lods of Destiny also adds new over world zones that takes the story of the MMORPG to jungles, exotic villages, the land of Tequani. The expansion increases the level cap to 55 and includes the new Tep's Pyramid raid. The new global war: Dominion War will wait for guilds to enter and battle each other. 

That's all for now. If you already have an active Allods character, you can take your chances and sign up for the upcoming test or you can create a free account now and join Allods Online before Lords of Destiny and new content arrives.

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