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Bigpoint's Browser Games Go Retail

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Bigpoint games go retail

I haven't seen many MMO's benefit too much from going retail but it's still great for us MMO gamers to finally purchase the boxed version of our favorite MMO's. Bigpoint's three successful browser based MMO titles Drakensang Online, Pirate Storm and Battlestar Galactica Online are going to be released by Excalibur Publishing this autumn. All three games will include a special starter pack that gives new players a head-start in games. Read on for full details of the retail version of Drakensang, Pirate Storm and BSGO.



Drakensang, Pirate Storm and Battlestar Galactica Online Go Retail

When I am at a retail store looking for PC games, it always comes as a surprise to discover a retail version of an MMO. APB Reloaded, European Escalation are just a couple of titles that surprised me to see them in retail boxes. I don't know why it still surprises me but I guess I just assume MMO's to stay strictly online unless it's a really giant title like WoW or Guild Wars 2. It's still a pleasant surprise...

Drakensang Online's latest trailer

Today, Bigpoint announced a partnership with Excalibur Publishing to release the retail versions of its most popular browser based MMO's. Drakensang Online with over 5 million players, Battlestar Galactica Online and Pirate Storm likewise are the three titles we will see at retail stores soon. I don't know about you but I will definitely get all these three games. All three titles are worth keeping a retail version in my archive. Read more in our reviews of Battlestar Galactica Online, Pirate Storm and Drakensang

All three games will each be sold in retail outlets in the UK and Ireland (RRP £9.99). These will include the client to launch the online game and an exclusive starter pack only available with the retail box, containing £15 (£25 for Pirate Storm) of in-game items. 

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