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Carbine Reveals More on Wildstar

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Wildstar ExilesCarbine Studios has finally started revealing more of Wildstar. The game has been one of the most anticipated MMOs for two years but there has been little information shared by the developer as of late. Today, Carbine's producer Jeremy Gaffney has posted a new article and revealed a ton of new stuff from environment design to levelling system and combat. Read on to find out what Gaffney believes they have done better than other MMO developers. See the all new "Meet the Exiles" trailer, as well as new concept artwork from Deradune.


What Makes Wildstar a Better MMO?

Wildstar's developer Carbine Studios has been pretty silent recently. Today, the game's executive producer has posted a new article on the site and revealed loads of new stuff and videos as well as their own methodology and ideas on making Wildstar a better MMO than the others. Let's take a moment here before we go into the details. A better MMO than the rest? I really don't think fixing a problem with an MMO suddenly makes that game a better MMO. As you will read in a moment, Carbine developers are apparently trying to fix some of the common problems with MMOs, such as the lack of new content once you hit the level cap, or the dynamic content and even battlefields. We still need to wait until the Beta to see how it all works out in game. And yes, Wildstar's Beta is nearing and as Carbine had announced before, Wildstar will be released this year.

Wildstar Exiles

OK, let's go back to Gaffney's article. First of all, Wildstar will have diversity. The content will be varied and not only with updates, which Carbine is going to be doing on a weekly basis thanks to their tools that allows them modify the world and terrain very easly, it will also be varied based on what players do. Experienced players who hit the level cap will be able to create their own PvP maps.


Combat. Isn't it the most discussed MMO aspect? Every developer is coming up with their own combat system today. We have seen En Masse's combat in TERA, ArenaNet's combat in Guild Wars 2 and then Funcom's own reticule combat in The Secret World's latest version... According to Gaffney, Wildstar will offer a combat system that rewards skillful players and not the players who just repeats the same thing over and over again. So how will they do it exactly? With varied creatures. Imagine a world with different types of creatures and each type will have its own style of combat. So would you be able to kill each and every one of these creatures with the same combat tactics? No, that's how Carbine is trying to offer a combat that rewards only the skillful players. Add the game's dynamic environments to the varied creatures, this may become the best combat experience we have seen in an MMO. 

Enjoy the new Wildstar video: "Meet the Exiles"

Source: Wildstar blog

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