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Defiance Beta 3: Gameplay Videos Roundup

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Defiance beta 3 gameplay videos roundupDefiance, Trion Worlds and SyFy's upcoming shooter will be released in a week. As the final beta weekend, Advanced Mission Beta 3 event has just ended, we thought it was time to throw in all our gameplay videos in one post. This gameplay video roundup will show you scenes from various missions. See us taking down mutants and finally get booted by the server as the end of final beta comes to save the mutant grenadier!


Defiance Videos Roundup

I played Defiance in all three Beta Weekends and I have to say, this final one, Advanced Mission Beta 3 has been the best by far. From the background tunes to the number of items, mutant models and gameplay improvements, Beta 3 has been incredibly entertaining, I played it till the final minute (shame I didn't start as early as I should).

In three videos, you will see us completing several missions, testing some weapons, driving our first vehicle and take on all kinds of mutants. The mutant grenadier and the mutant minigunner have been what I enjoyed taking down the most. Unfortunately we didn't have the chance to test the Dodge Challenger but anyways folks, enjoy the videos and if you've captures some of your own, share them in comments! 

  • Character Creation and Finding Von Bach

  • Defiance - 10 minute gameplay

  • Defiance Advanced Mission Beta 3 - No Time Left

I should have played it earlier but I got carried away in another game. And guys, there wasn't enough time to kill that second mutant grenadier. I will get him next time! At least we completed the main mission and then saved some soldiers on the road. Visit Defiance website if you care to order the game.

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