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Defiance Producer on Cheats and Server Problems

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Defiance EGOI have to say I was pretty shocked when I read about the initial reactions to Defiance on social networks on the day of the launch. First of all, I think we really need to be a little patient before we judge a game based on launch day problems. Secondly, the developer should definitely be more ready for launch problems. Today, let's listen to what the game's executive producer has to say about server problems and cheaters.


Defiance Executive Producer Nathan Richardson posted on Defiance blog about server related problems that's been annoying players since the launch of the game. He also explained why it has been almost impossible to address some of the issues like disappearing items. There is progress about hackers and cheaters tho.

Defiance: Server Issues have been addressed

According to Richardson's post, where you can tell he has been impatient to write about these, most of the server related issues; random crashes and other hardware related problems have been addressed. He says the crashes have been eliminated by 90% and that sounds very good. To be honest, I haven't personally experience any crashes last week and I played a lot!

Other fixes are related to disappearing items and the loadout issue, Emergencies, Freight Yard and balancing. We know balancing is not a one day job and it's going to take them forever. I don't think there is a flawless balance for any game but that's a topic for another post. 

If Defiance developers can fix the disappearing items problem which I have never seen yet, and I am glad, it's going to be a relief for those who suffered from this. Noone likes to lose items and I don't know if every player is able to tell when an item is lost. Let's think about it, are you keeping some kind of an offline inventory or do you have a superb memory when you have hundreds of items? Sure if you pay the game regularly, you'd notice that but what are you going to do about it? It sounds really nasty and I really hope they fix it asap. No player should be responsible for keeping track of their inventory.

Defiance Diary at every weekend

Another problem was, of course the cheaters. I don't understand cheaters and I never will. Why do you even buy a game and risk your account just because you're going to pretend that you are superior to all the other players. How does it even satisfy an invidivual when he/she knows that all the achievement is unfair. Nevertheless, Richardson says they have been banning far more players recently and they have even more tools to detect cheaters. So beware if you think about it!

You can read the full post over at Defiance website. Defiance has got so much potential and it's really a very good production, kudos to Trion Worlds and SyFy, it would be very disappointing to see it go waste because of little problems.


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