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Dust 514's Instant Battle MatchMaker Introduced

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Dust 514 Matchmaker
CCP developers posted the first details of the upcoming Instant Battle Match-Making System for the MMO Shooter Dust 514. Dust 514 in Beta phase will receive updates regarding the match-making system and the first update will introduce the all-new instant battle matchmaking algorithm. The purpose of the matchmaking algorithm is to achieve fair-battles by matching equally skilled players against each other in an instant battle. Continue reading for more.



Dust 514's New Match-Making Algorithm will Ensure Fair-Battle

If you read History of Wars, there has not been a Fair-Battle. I don't know why we need Fair-Battle in MMO's but it's not that bad of an idea to use some kind of Algorithm to match equally skilled players against each other in an Instant Match mode. If you have ever played World of Tanks, you probably know how good its match-making system is. Not only that it provides, literally instant-battles thanks to its high populated servers, it also does a fantastic job of matching equally advantaged players. I don't want to be calling this "equally skilled" as it doesn't really take skills to go purchase an elite tank if you know what I mean.

Anyway, back to Dust 514, the community manager CmdrWang at CCP Games posted this blog post today. In this post, he reveals the upcoming instant match-making system for Dust 514, CCP's shooter MMO

Dust 514

Dust 514 to offer an Instant Match-Making System that will ensure Fair-Battles

The new match-making system will arrive with the next patch, the Precursor Update, and it will put players who are at the same skill-rank into the same battle. CCP's goal is to provide a Fair-Battle.

The upcoming update will only bring the first part of this new system as CCP is still tuning the algorithm and it will be adding new features to the system in the future. 

So how does this work? Dust 514's match making algorithm will take into account certain criteria such as hardware properties; internet speed/latency, connection quality and also other criteria such as player statistics. The system will measure players’ overall strengths and then put them into balanced teams.

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