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End of Nations CBT #4 dated

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End of Nations CBT #4

Trion Worlds announced the details of End of Nations' final Closed Beta event. The 4th CBT will launch Thursday, October 4th and it will run for five consecutive days being the longest beta event. The final CBT also means that beta testers will be able to share their experiences as NDA will be dropped on the final day of the testing. This means you will find loads of coverage here too! Read on for details.



End of Nations Closed Beta #4 to Launch October 4

Trion Worlds' upcoming real time strategy MMO (MMORTS) game End of Nations is going to change the world of RTS games. We say this as we had the chance to participate in the first three CBT events. And we should tell you, End of Nations is stunning. You can read our End of Nations preview to see why we think End of Nations is going to be legendary.

Anyway, back to the Closed Beta #4. Right, the final beta testing event is going to launch Thursday, October 4th and it will run until October 9th, the day NDA drops for all beta testers to start sharing their End of Nations experience with the world. 

The final closed beta event will be rewarding. As a thank you for taking part in the final closed beta event, all participants will be given a total of 500 in-game promotional credits. And these credits will remain in accounts until the game launches later this year.

There are also some cool new game features and maps including Full Boar, the Panzer Hulk unit, the four-player PvE Co-op Comp-Stomp map, Juggernaut, the four-player PvE Co-op survival mode map, and Deep Freeze, the massive 56-player map. There is also going to be a new tutorial to be introduced.

Source: End of Nations official site

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