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Eve Online: Odyssey goes live

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eve online odyssey announcedCCP Games had announced the "Odyssey" update before PAX East. The developer has just confirmed that the expansion for Eve Online has gone live. Eve Online: Odyssey, Eve's 19th free expansion introduced a Discovery Scanner, rebalanced zones, enhanced game UI, addition to the storyline beyond Battle for Caldari Prime as well as new ships and redesigned tools. CCP has also launched the teaser website for Odyssey. Read on for the details.


Eve Online's 19th Expansion: Odyssey

CCP Games had revealed its surprise at PAX East 2013. Yep, it's the new expansion and it's now live. It was only hours after the announcement of Dust 514 and Eve Online's mega battle: The Battle For Caldari Prime, they had revealed the 19th Eve Online expansion.

Andie Nordgren, senior producer for EVE Online said: “Odyssey is about revisiting the original promise of EVE Online; a truly massive universe filled with danger, opportunity and wonder. Yet the true excitement and drama comes, as always in EVE, from the interaction between players vying to attain the same goals. Odyssey adds fuel to that fire.”

Odyssey features a new scanning system, helping players with their search for new heavens. Only those who survive a discovery will receive rewards. Odyssey's features are:

Eve Online Odyssey

  1. Discovery Scanner.
  2. Rebalance of Major Areas.
  3. Raised accessibility.
  4. New ships and redesigns.
  5. Story beyond the Battle For Caldari Prime.

With all going on in Eve Universe, the bounty hunting, integration with Dust 514 and last but not least the Battle for Caldari Prime, it's all growing fast. Eve Online has been live for a decade and it has half a million subscribers worldwide today.


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