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Eve Online: Retribution's Minor Features

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Eve Online RetributionEve Online's Retribution update will go live on December 4th. While we have reported about the main features of Retribution earlier, there are little features demanded by community in the last 12 months. According to today's developer diary, CCP has successfully implemented many of these little but useful features. Continue reading to see some of these decent little features of Retribution.


Eve Online: Retribution's Little Features and Changes

No, we didn't call it "little". CCP called it "Little Things" as they asked community for their ideas about a year ago. Having collected thousands of ideas over the course of 12 months, developers have implemented some little but cool features. Many ideas have turned into actual features and they will be going live next week when CCP releases Evolution update.

They are not so little

So let's take a look at these cool features we read about in today's developer diary. OK this one can not be called "little" by any means. This feature is what we need as a standard in all MMOs. How would you like to drag and drop icons in chat and text fields. With this little feature, Eve fans will be able to drag and drop items, characters, certificates from Show Info window to chat fields.

Eve Online Drag and Drop feature

Eve Online Retribution Hierarchical Window


Another feature in Retribution is actually a minor improvement but a time-saver. This improves the hierarchical window. With Retribution players will easily see the groups they belong to and find their place in the list as there will be indication arrows as well as an additional highlight that shows you with a green background. Retribution will also be changing the items list in repair window so that only the items that are actually damaged will be shown. Eve fans are lucky the developer actually got annoyed by character sheet not remembering the last page shown, he decided to fix it! I guess it makes it all easier for the developers to fix something when it bothers them too. The fitting management window will now open on the category the player was using the last time, so it's another little but fantastic improvement that saves time. Those fans active in the market will love this. CCP has added the ability to browse back and forth between the items on the market window. Moving on, one more feature is that when the player hovers over a module on the HUD, they will see what target that module is active on. Such little but life-saving features have been implemented along with the main features of Retribution. You can read it all over at Eve Online's developer blog



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