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Eve Online's Retribution: The Age of Bounty Hunters

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Bounty Hunting in Eve OnlineEve Online's Retribution expansion is perhaps the best expansion released this year. No we're not saying that. Eve Online's community is. Eve Online: Retribution was announced with a fantastic slogan, if you remember. "Justice for All". Now that the expansion is live, Eve Online's hardcore players are enjoying sweet revenge thanks to the expansion's new feature "Bounty Hunting". It looks like CCP has managed to bring justice to the Sci-Fi MMO. Continue reading for first details.


Eve Online: Retribution is live - Revenge time!

Eve Online's new expansion Retribution means Revenge to many players. Have you been frustrated by attackers in Eve Online? If you have been playing the Sci-Fi MMO for long enough, I am sure you have tasted it. Have you tried to get even with them? It wasn't all that easy, was it? Now it may be the time for your long awaited revenge.

The Age of Bounty Hunters has come. Bounty Hunting is one of Eve Online: Retribution's main features and it seems to be the most discussed feature at the moment. A post by one of the players on Eve Online forums proves us how sweet Revenge can be. The player, who calls himself a carebear was frustrated by attackers and was almost going to give up playing Eve Online. Until Retribution has arrived...

Eve Online Retribution

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So he put the Bounty Hunting feature to test and it made him feel so good. He basically sold his kill rights and only a few hours later, he learned that all kill rights had been completed. For his 50m of a loss, he caused a damage of 58m to the attackers. That's not bad!

In his post he said: "I have not once, in all of my game time in eve, felt like I had actually "won". I felt like the beaten up bottom of the pile pesant that gets kicked around all fhe time. I didnt make this kill, but it felt like I did and it felt good. "

We can expect Eve Online to bring back some old players in the following days, should this feature work out as good as for other players as it did for him. (I am surely going back tonight to give Retribution a test myself!)

Bounty Hunting is not the only goodie that's come with Retribution expansion. We will be looking at all the other features; Crimewatch, New Destroyers and more of Eve Online: Retribution in the following weeks. 


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