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Firefall: First Story Based Mission Goes Live

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Firefall locustJust the time we get a little more time in Firefall, Red 5 has announced the first story based mission: "Blackwater Anomaly". As Firefall's Closed Beta is coming to an end, to launch the Open Beta on July 9th, Red 5 Studios developers started to brings new content for the owners of Founder's Pack. If you have purchased a Founder's Pack, starting this Thursday, you will have access to this first story based mission as well as the new PvP e-sports game type "Jetball". Read on for details and the new Firefall teaser trailer.


Firefall: Blackwater Anomaly is the game's first story driven mission

If you asked me what I didn't like about Firefall, my answer would be "lack of a story". Sure we enjoyed the Firefall Manga: Firefall Affinity last summer but I have always wanted to find out more on the Chosen and wanted to get a story based mission in this shooter MMO. 

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If you haven't heard yet, you won't need a Firefall Beta key soon, as Red 5  prepping for the Firefall Open Beta launch. Today, they have managed to please Founder's Pack owners (like myself) with a new teaser trailer and Founder's only story based mission content "Blackwater Anomaly". Blackwater Anomaly is Firefall's first ever story mission that is a co-op experience designed to support 5 players at once. So, if you are Founder, gather up your friends and make a squad of 5 and enter this new adventure in New Eden. Find out more on The Chosen as you investigate the anomaly that’s appeared in Blackwater Marsh...

There is also the new PvP game type Jetball that's going to be revealed later this week. Jetball is a new objective-based eSports mode where two teams of five players compete for victory by flying or shooting a high-tech ball through their opponent’s goal. This sounds like fun, doesn't it! Find more on Firefall in our new series "Firefall Diary".

Red 5 has also released a brand new teaser trailer, which they will be proceeding with the full version later this week.



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