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Firefall: Open Beta Begins

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firefall betaThe time has come for the fans of Red 5 Studios' open world shooter MMO game "Firefall". The Open Beta has just kicked off, allowing anyone to download and visit New Eden, to fight the evil forces of The Chosen. If you have been following us, this doesn't concern you much but if you have missed the Beta Key giveaways for Firefall, then it's your time to sign up for the Open Beta. Red 5 is also offering new Beta Starter Packs for players who want to add extra items. Read after the break details.


Firefall's Open Beta launches

Stage 1 of Firefall's Open Beta has gone live. Starting today, the open world shooter game from Red 5 Studios, is open to anyone. In the last two years, Firefall had been in Closed Beta and required one of those precious Firefall Beta keys to access the game. If you read some of the interviews with Firefall developers, including our own, developers have always mentioned one thing, which they emphasize today too. "Firefall has been in Beta and it will be in Beta until Red 5 believes the game is an evolving project and that is only evolving with feedback from community." I believe we can call Firefall a "Living Beta" that developers make some changes and wait for instant feedback from players and then assess the situation and re-adjust their plans accordingly. It's not a bad idea when you think about it. Do we, as gamers care what developers call the game? Beta, Alpha, v0.1, or v.00001. No we don't. As long as the game continued to be developed and improved, and that we get to make comments, that's all fine with us (gamers).


So if you have been wondering how Firefall played, go to the official site and download the game client. Before you click that download button, I suggest you to download the full client as we have had many problems with the regular installer in the past. You can read about it on Firefall forums if you run into an problem yourself. Firefall is an incredible shooter game and every shooter fan should give it a whirl. You can find a lot more on Firefall in our special Firefall section.

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