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First Look at Neverwinter's Great Weapon Fighter

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Great Weapon FighterPerfect World's upcoming Dungeons and Dragons game Neverwinter has completed its final Beta Weekend. One of the newest additions since Beta Weekend #2 was the introduction of the new "Great Weapon Fighter" class. If you missed the chance to participate, we have a new gameplay video for you showing the character creation with the new class followed by the introductory mission with our new character. Continue reading to watch our fighter character in action.


Neverwinter: Great Weapon Fighter

Neverwinter gives you the chance to create unique characters with several races and classes as well as decent customization options to change the appearance of your character. Perfect World has introduced new races and classes in the final Beta Weekend. The game also offers different options for character background. While it has no effect on gameplay, it still adds to the character creation process. Watch this new video and see us create our third and last character (Great Weapon Fighter this time) in Nverwinter Beta and complete the introductory mission once again. (that we have done three times now!)

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