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Guns and Robots Enter Closed Beta

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Guns and Robots BIGThis is one of the hottest shooter games in my watch-list. Guns and Robots. The game is developed by Bulgarian developer studio Masthead Studios. Guns and Robots feature fun-art style customizable robots fighting over various maps using hundreds of unique weapons at their disposal. The shooter is entering the Closed Beta testing today as the first lucky set of players who registered for the CBT will have their hands on the game for the firs time. Guns and Robots will be released in December. Read on for the features of the game and the latest gameplay trailer.


Robots shooter Guns and Robots Enter CBT today

No, they don't look like kick-ass serious robots. In Guns and Robots, robots look like one of those Pixar characters. They have the fun-art style models which makes it all better if you are into this kind of art in games. Guns and Robots offer players fully customizable funny looking robots, several weapons that consist of hundreds of different parts which players can customize to their liking and battle on various maps and several game modes.

According to Masthead's release today, the game will feature skill-based gameplay that also requires team-work. Another interesting feature is the Dynamic Combat Experience which allows players to choose to line up for death match, capture the flag and other game modes. 

Guns and Robots BIG Garage To Customize Robots

Customize your robot in the BIG

Players will also be able to create their own arena to test their movements, weapons and see how it feels after a recent customization. The Burn-in-Garage also known as the BIG will let players to build their characters and test their shooting skills. And finally, Guns and Robots will be free-to-play without any need for subscriptions.

We will keep an eye on this new shooter during the Guns and Robots Closed Beta. For a better gameplay review, follow us in the next couple of weeks. You may visit the official website to sign up for the CBT yourself->

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