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Imperium Galactic War: Sci-Fi Strategy MMO is live

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Imperium Galactic War

Kabam has launched its new browser based strategy MMO game "Imperium Galactic War". The HTML 5 based browser MMO is set in a Sci-Fi world, offering players real time PvP battles and it has the classic elements of traditional strategy games. We had a quick look at the game and our full review will follow later this week. Read on for first details and a set of screen-shots.


Imperium Galactic War is live

If you have played one of Kabam's games, you will find familiar elements in Imperium Galactic War, the publisher's latest Sci-Fi MMO title. Imperium Galactic War lets you create your own starbase with your own starfleets and starbase structures, explore new regions, research new technologies, expand your own army of spaceships and everything you have probably seen in traditional Sci-Fi strategy games.

You begin the game by creating your own leader character and choosing one of the three factions in game. While you create your character, you also pick one of the races (Terrans, Oberans and Thanerians), a peaceful or an aggressive faction, depending on your playing style (or your mood haha). You can join forces with your allies in game, them being other players in your faction, and you can attack enemy bases for resource looting.

Imperium Galactic War the new Sci Fi Strategy MMO game

There are other basic strategy elements, such as upgrading your base structures and your spaceships, research new technologies, defend your Starbase with Shield Generators and Turrets.

The game is HTML 5 based and it really feels great. The gameplay is extremely smooth and graphics are decent. The UI is particularly perfect I have to say. It's so clean and the font choice is spot on. Everything looks so well placed and readable. Even when you zoom in to the max., the textures continue to look great and the animations in battles are ok except for a few glitches and frame rate problems. 

Play Imperium Galactic War for free

Imperium Galactic War may become a popular Sci-Fi strategy title unless Kabam goes too aggressive with the micro transaction system. You will notice some pressure right from the tutorial when you hear about building boosts and special offers at such an early stage of the game. Stay with us for a full review this weekend. In the meantime you can click the image above and test it yourself. It's browser based and takes 20 seconds to enter the game. 

Imperium Galactic War screenshots

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