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League of Legends dominate Korea, MOBA surging

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League of Legends without a doubt has been one of the most popular MOBA's in the last couple years. Riot Games has done a fantastic job keeping the game fresh with regular content updates, while they have added new champions and new game modes. It's now even bigger than Starcraft 2 in Korea according to the latest reports. Korean pro gamer tells how it dominated Korea. 




Korean Pro Gamer explains how League of Legends surpassed Starcraft 2

Koreans are serious about gaming. They have been for several years. I am sure you have seen some of the incredible Starcraft 2 tournaments they have held in front of large audiences. Today, Starcraft 2 is not the king anymore in Korea. Riot Games' free MOBA League of Legends is the new king! While we have been on the subject of MOBA games at DevilsMMO lately, we've found this interview on

Shyvana LoL

Action in League of Legends is always intense! You see Shyvana, one of the champions, in action.

In an interview with Korea's well known pro-gamer Bok 'Reapered' Han-gyu, the gamer explains how and when League of Legends has surpassed Starcraft 2.

Han-gyu says this all started six months ago. In the last six months Starcraft 2 players, which is almost a national sports in Korea, started to spend more time on another online game, which is Riot Games' League of Legends. Today, the latest reports show that League of Legends is the new king in Korea.

Nunu LoL

Riot Games continue to add new champions to League of Legends

Han-gyu says that there are so many leagues in Korea today that hold League of Legends tournaments. NiceGameTV and OGN League are just two examples.

Han-gyu also recognizes that Starcraft 2 players have been shifting their attention to League of Legends. 

"At the moment, the general trend of Korean eSports has shifted to League of Legends. Starcraft II and League of Legends are different genres, but as time goes on we think Starcraft II fans will move to League of Legends in Korea."

Han-gyu also believes that this change will spread to other continents. Well, we already know LoL is big in Europe and NA anyway. At the moment, I can't imagine what kind of a change but I am expecting major updates to League of Legends. Riot Games simply can't make a mistake at this point when they have conquered Korea and Korean pro-gamers. 

DOTA 2 First Look Review

We had the chance to participate in Dota 2 Beta last week->

MOBA Genre surging

Sure they are already updating the game regularly, modifying the gameplay with several patches, adding new champions and game modes... I still think there will be bigger changes and updates that we'll find out in the rest of the year. 

DotA 2 which we had a first look the other day, will surely be another strong competitor but I think we will see more and more MOBA games in the future. The genre is only getting stronger and more popular. This will motivate developers to start thinking of new ideas for the genre and publishers will be looking out for new MOBA titles. The level of competition in MOBA games is just incredible, it's really the ultimate battle arena for online gamers. It will be fantastic to see the new generation of MOBA genre. League of Legends is the finest example of the genre today but who knows what we will see in the future...

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