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League of Legends: Limited Skins Available by the end of the day

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league of legends limited skinsLeague of Legends champions come with different skins and there is nothing better than getting one of the rare skins, if you want to stand out in the crowd. Millions of players playing the same MOBA doesn't give us the chance to create a unique character but these limited skins are fantastic items to look a little different than the majority. The latest edition of limited skins sale is about to come to an end today. Take a look at the skins on sale and grab one of them by the end of the day. Check out the limited skins after the break.


Limited Edition Skins for League of Legends champions

I don't often post about item sales in games but I have to make an exception today. Riot Games do an amazing job with artwork, skins and new champion graphics. It's one of the key elements in League of Legends, the artwork, that makes this MOBA the most played online PC game in the world with millions of registered users all around the world. 

So what's the fuss about today's sale? There is the special limited edition skins sale that's ending today. (It started last Friday). So, if you are a LoL fan and if you are looking for a new skin for your champion, check these out. These skins are for Jarvan, Veigar, Nautilius, Lux, LeBlanc and Xin Zhao. Go to League of Legends site for details on pricing and availability.






lux skin







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