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League of Legends patch 3.9 preview

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lol patch 3.9 previewLeague of Legends patch 3.9 is going to introduce changes to champions Drawen and Leblanc as well as visition items. Today's patch preview video goes over these changes. Most of the changes are related to Drawen and his lane domination against other champions. In this patch, Drawen's getting a nerf as his passive is changing to something more entertaining. The new passive is called "League of Drawen" and it will offer bonus gold when he kills a champion and the other way around when he is killed. See the patch preview video after the break.


League of Legends' latest update, patch 3.9 is bringing changes to the passive of Drawen, decreases its power in lane as most players considered him an unfair champion that's just too strong in the lane, thanks to its power even at early levels.  

Another champion that gets a lot of love from the developers is LeBlanc. LeBlanc Mimic ability has been changed to make it more flexible. There are changes to vision items. The Orb of Winter is a new item that's going to help you with long range poke champions. Find out more on patch 3.9 in the video.

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