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LotRO: New Screenshots of Monsters and Troops from Rohan

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Riders of Rohan The White Hand

Lord of the Rings Online's upcoming expansion Riders of Rohan is closer to its release. Turbine is going to introduce three major factions with Riders of Rohan. The White Hand, Mordor and the Easterlings are all coming for the fans of the MMORPG. Today, the developers at Turbine revealed new screenshots showcasing the monsters and troops from these three major factions.



LotRO - Riders of Rohan - Screenshots of Three Major Factions

If you thought you had faced the worst enemies in Lord of the Rings Online, you should think again. The new expansion "Riders of Rohan" is going to introduce three new factions; The White Hand, Mordor and The Easterlings, which all three hate each other. 

The White Hand are the servants of Saruman who controls them from his stronhold of Isengard. The mighty Uruk-hai are the most dangerous among the White Hand. While the White Hand are dangerous, they are not the only group... Mordor's servants have no love for The White Hand and they would turn on them if they had the chance. 

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And the third faction are the Easterlings who have returned to wreak revenge on the Horse-lords. They are fearless warriors...

 Riders of Rohan Monster Landscape

Riders of Rohan Factions

Riders of Rohan Mordor

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