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MechWarrior Online: How To Choose a Mech

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Mech Warrior Online weight classesAre you a fan of Mech games? If you have ever played MechWarrior Online, you must know that it takes quite a while to find the right BattleMech depending on your playing style. While some players love to go in front on scouting or hit and run as soon as they detect enemies, other players love to stay defensive and tactical. This is why you should know how to pick the right BattleMech to suit your play-style. Today's video will help you with weight classes.


MechWarrior Online: Weight Class overview

The guys at NoGutsNoGalaxy has come up with another very helpful video today. In the new video, MWO experts discuss all four weight classes of BattleMechs and walk you through each of them, helping you choose the right BattleMech that suits your playing style, team role and goals.

All the light, medium, heavy and assault weight classes are being considered depending on speed, firepower and armor. As there are several options for BattleMechs and players can customize them further, the video goes through the standard Mechs and classes. In short, the video will teach you how to pick a BattleMech depending on your own play style and your role in your team. For instance, if you're a scout, to detect enemies, the best class to go with is the Light Weight Class. So, if you are one of the players that goes on scout or hit-and-run, a light weight class BattleMech with speeds well over 100kmph. Similarly, the medium weight class will be ideal if you are looking for an all-round versatile Mech that has a speed over average and can move around heavy and assault classes easily. 

Watch this very useful video before if you don't know which Battle Mech to choose or buy before you start customizing it. It's really a great advantage if you pick a BattleMech that suits your role in the team. For more on MechWarrior Online, visit our MWO section over here. 


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