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MechWarrior Online: Open Beta stats and Release Date announced

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mech warrior online mech screenshotMech Warrior Online has been a game I have not had the chance to play as much as I'd want to. The main reason was that the control system was not the easiest one in the world and I had known little about the Mechs in game. Pretty much every map was full of players who somehow played amazing. Piranha Games revealed some of the interesting Open Beta statistics today and revealed the release date of the version 1.0. Mech Warrior Online v1.0 is going to launch September 17, 2013. If you are interested in some figures (the number of Mechs destroyed etc.) from the Beta testing, read after the cut.


Mech Warrior Online to be released this Spring

Those damn Mechs are massive. The responsibility is much more than learning the basic controls of the game. You need to know all the little details of your giant Mech Warrior, know the maps like your backyard and you better make sure you know your foes too. One minor mistake and you're down. That's how I felt when I played the game for the first time last year. Ok so that's pretty much my story with MWO. Of course the Beta has been a different experience for most of you out there. Today Piranha Games released some of the stats of Mech Warrior Online's Beta stage.

Since the launch of Open Beta, players have spent more than 9.6 million hours or 1100 years playing MechWarrior Online, resulting in the annihilation of more than 46,941,487 Mechs.

They have destroyed 3 billion tons of metal on the battlefield, which is 8,359 Empire State Buildings.

The total cost of this damage is a staggering 18,316,519,465 C-bills.

Inner Sphere economy has been 10.1 trillion C-Bills. 12,623,214,618 missiles have been fired since Open Beta.

This month alone the amount of lasers fired by pilots is a “mere” 2,451,270,519.

Imagine that! I like it when developers take the time and calculate these and compare them with real life examples. Comparing the metal destroyed on the battlefield to Empire State Buildings is hilarious. I guess I don't have Mech Warrior sense of humor. 

On an another note, the v1.0 of the game will be launching this spring, on September 17th. Don't let it fool you tho, you can still go to the MechWarrior Online website and play now for free.

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