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Neverwinter is Back Live After Rollback

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neverwinter exploit fixedPerfect World and Cyrptic Studios had a rough Sunday, so did the players of the new Dungeons and Dragons MMORPG "Neverwinter". While the game is still in Beta, noone expected such a major bug that caused a severe exploit that damaged the game's economy in hours. Hundreds of players if not thousands were caught exploiting. On the bright side, Cyrptic was able to react quickly. The developer suspended the in-game economy tools while they investigated the issue. Unfortunately for many players, progress of eight hours was wiped.


Neverwinter servers are back live after rollback

Yesterday we reported about the bugs that caused an economy melt down in the city of Neverwinter. Just like any other exploit, this had spread in hours and Cryptic/Perfect World had to suspend the in-game auction house and astral diamon exchange systems to avoid further exploiting. It took developers only some hours, and that's really impressive on a Sunday, to find the cause of the exploit and come up with fixes for the bugs.

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Despite the initial comments from Perfect World community moderators, a rollback was eventually found to be necessary. So, seven hours of progress made between 5:20 AM and 12:20 PM Pacific Time was lost to all players. Perfect World is sending out in-game gifts to players as an apology, so check your email today for a little surprise. However, the systems are not going to be active immediately as developers are still running some tests to avoid the repeat of similar incident. You can read the entire announcement here.

When the servers do come back up, a few systems will not be active: the Auction House and the Astral Diamond exchange. When the servers are back up and running, we will be performing extensive testing to ensure that the issues related to exploitation are completely resolved.

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