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Neverwinter: Character Creation

in Neverwinter, Preview

Neverwinter Character CreationNeverwinter's Beta Weekend is launching today. As we had the early access to the game, we have already had plenty of time to play this new D&D game. So, we will have many gameplay videos today and over the weekend to show you more of Cryptic and Perfect World's new Dungeons & Dragons title. Let's begin with a quick look at Neverwinter's character creation. 


Neverwinter: Create your First Character

We will be playing Neverwinter today and over the weekend. If you have any interest in this upcoming D&D game, follow us for gameplay videos and a preview. In this first part, we will be taking a look at Character Creation in Neverwinter.

Creating a character in Neverwinter takes 5 steps: 

  1. Race Selection
  2. Class Selection
  3. Ability Scores
  4. Appearance
  5. Background

There are six races available in Neverwinter. Human, Dwarf, Tiefling, Halfling, Elf and Half Elf. Once you choose your race and gender, you pick one of its classes. Following the class selection, you are assigned your Ability Scores and your bonus ability. You can try to reroll the dice to get another set of ability scores here. There is quite ad advanced appearance adjuster. You can change your character's physical attributes from the eyes to the jaw, nose and all the other attributes like body type, length of arm,legs and hair style. You can even get a tattoo and a scar. A scar on your nose or your cheeks... There are plenty of options there. I have to say it's not bad. You can get yourself a very unique looking character.

Visit our YouTube channel for more Neverwinter gameplay videos over the weekend. Find out more on Neverwinter's Beta Weekends and Founders Packages here.

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