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Neverwinter: Exploits Force Cryptic To Suspend Auction House

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Neverwinter exploitsNeverwinter's in-game economy is in danger as a couple of serious bugs have allowed some players to abuse the system. Cryptic/Perfect World has been locking forum topics while they investigated this issue. Earlier today, they announced that several players have been banned for exploits. The developer had also taken down the Auction House and Astral Diamond Exchange but it was determined later that the exploit was caused by two serious bugs. Read on for the announcement detail.


Neverwinter Exploit caused by bugs

With MMO games, bugs become exploits very quickly, exploits spread even faster and everything crumbles when this happens. The latest Neverwinter exploit, also the first since the game has went live, was caused by two serious bugs, announced by the developer Cyrptic Studios earlier today.

Initially the developer thought the exploit was related to the Auction House and Astral Diamond Exchange and it had disabled the two features in game. Later on, the investigation showed that the exploit was caused by two serious bugs. The Astral Diamond Exchange and Auction House still remain disabled as the issue involves in-game currency.

Neverwinter beta 4 screenshot

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Cyrptic bans players for exploiting

It is not known at this time how many players have been banned due to the exploit but Cryptic notified all players found to have used this exploit. No news on a possible roll-back but it's still a possibility.

It's a shame there is such a serious exploit in Neverwinter, which is one of the best games of the year but it's probably better that this happened sooner than later. We will keep an eye on this issue and report as more information becomes available.

Here is the official announcement:

Update 1030AM Pacific Time: This is related to two specific bugs that allowed players to defeat bosses at a rate that was higher than intended, or without the intended challenge using a one-hit-kill exploit. It is not related to Astral Diamond/Gateway issue that was identified earlier today. 

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