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Pathfinder Online To Be Developed On Unity Platform

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Pathfinder OnlineFantasy sandbox MMO from by Goblinworks based on Pathfinder tabletop game, Pathfinder Online will support Mac OSX. This is made possible thanks to the highly popular development platform Unity 3D. As Unity supports almost any operating system, it is widely used by MMO developers. Pathfinder Online has already reached its $600k goal on Kickstarter but is looking to get $1million by next Monday. Continue reading for the official announcement.


Pathfinder Online To Support Mac

Goblinworks has just announced that the upcoming Pathfinder MMO game Pathfinder Online is going to be developed using Unity Technologies' Unity engine which makes it easier to develop games for different operating systems and platforms. Some of the Unity based MMO games are Battlestar Galactica Online and Drakensang

Here is the official announcement on Kickstarter:

"Our confidence is building that we'll be able to support both Windows and Macintosh in roughly the same time frame in Early Enrollment, and we're very confident we'll be supporting both platforms by Release."

The fantasy sandbox MMO uses a unique process called "Crowdforging".

Pathfinder Online to support Mac

Pathfinder Online will support Mac and PC thanks to Unity

Some of the main features of Pathfinder Online are:

  • It will not allow grinding as it has a similiar skill system to Eve Online's.  
  • There won't be any classes. Players will gain levels in different roles.
  • Players will be able to construct their own custom structures such as house and business centers.
  • There won't be fixed number of factions to join and players will be able to join player managed organizations.
  • Groups fighting in formation will have the advantage in battles.
  • Crafting will not force player to stop doing other activities in game like in many MMOs.
  • The gap between a new player and a veteran won't be like black and white. Even the newest player will have a chance to deal damage to an experience high level player. 
  • Trading will be organized by players most of the time. This means, player manahed shops and delivery of items by players themselves. (sounds fun!)

You can find more on Pathfinder Online on Kickstarter.

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