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Pit of War introduce Blood Games

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Pit of War prize tournaments

Pit of War, the free to play browser based Gladiator MMO game is getting a new update that will change the daily fight format give players more flexibility and control over their gladiators. There is a also a new monthly tournament system that will offer huge prizes according to the publisher's announcement.



Pit of War is one of the hottest browser based games that is also played at headquarters by our editors. We will also release a review here next week.

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While we are working on our Pit of War review publisher Outcast Games has announced some exciting new for the fans of Pit of War.

New Daily Arena Fight Format
The daily fight format has been revamped to give Pit Masters more control and flexibility over their gladiators and choose when they wish to fight their arena battles. Each day gladiators will be given 2 fight tokens to be used at their discretion. Unused fight tokens will carry over to the next day for a maximum of 3 days or an accumulation of 6 total fight tokens. In addition, for those Pit Masters looking to keep their gladiator's weapons bloodied and in front of the crowd all day, that option will also be available to you.

Monthly Tournament of Blood
Let the real games begin! Starting in early October the Arena Officials will eye a crop of worthy gladiators and begin inviting them to the monthly tournaments. For the first tournament the Arena Officials are offering up huge prize purses for those who please them and the gods! Keep an eye on your messages tab as invites will start showing up any day. In addition to winning the tournament prizes, gladiators will be able to win gold and trophies for their tournament performance each day!

Slay your Opponent for Trophy Rewards
The Arena Officials have decided that kills in the arena, whether they happen in a gladiator's daily fights or the tournament, warranted a larger reward. Upon killing an opponent, please bring the severed head to your nearest Arena Trophy Merchant (ATM) to receive your trophy reward.

Item Repair Change
The Blacksmith has agreed to start accepting trophies as payment when repairing items as well as gold in order to better serve the Pit Masters of the Great Realm.

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