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Pit of War introduce new races and female gladiators

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If you read our Pit of War review, you should know about the merciless and gigantic gladiators. Developer of the game has just unvelied the new update features and Pit of War is going to have Female Gladiators. Other than this, the update also features six new races.




Pit of War - New version features

Free to play browser based gladiator themed strategy game Pit of War has been updated. The update brings Female Gladiators to the arena of the merciless. Along with the introduction of the female gladiators, the new version of the game also features six new races. The game had only the human race but the new version adds The Elaar, The Spite, The Dunder, The Urk, The Snivler, and The Trug.

- Gladiators with a 2H weapon no longer have a chance to attack with their off-hand.
- The skill Show Off has been buffed to remove more endurance from the opponent.
- Hamstring now maxes out at 67%, down from 75%.
- The chance Create Distance goes off against an opponent with a 2H weapon or Pole Arm has been decreased.
- Fixed the Hamstring bug when a gladiator switched strategies right after the skill went off.
- The damage on Bastard Swords has been reduced.
- Defensive fighting styles got a small bump in the amount of defense they provide.


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