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Player Loses $8000 Ship in Eve Online

in Eve Online, News

There's a ship in Eve Online so rare that it's worth $8000. It's so rare there was only supposed to be three in the whole game, and it was thought that nothing could destroy it. This was recently proven wrong, as three became two and one Eve Online player became very, very unhappy.

Thankfully, someone was recording at the time, so we can all watch the very moment that the eight grand he'd invested in a video game went south.

The Revenent Supercarrier wasn't even the focus of the battle when it was destroyed, at least if you're not one for conspiracy theories. A battle between Habitual Euthanasia and The Black Legion took a turn for the strange (moreso when you consider the names) when Euthanasia fielded their Supercarrier. You can check out the result in the video below. Skip forward to just before seven minutes if you want to see the "big moment."

There were some 2200 players in that battle, so quite a bit to follow. The moment it happens though proves how big a deal this is. Silence for a moment, then a single, simple line to sum up everybody's opinion: "holy shit."

This can't be an easy loss to take. Buying an $8000 might seem made enough, but using it in combat is just another step entirely. It's like juggling with a ming vase. 

There are some theorizing that perhaps this wasn't an accident and that the Supercarrier was specifically aimed for or that the whole thing was some form of ambush. Nobody is quite sure just yet, and given the privacy that these fleets enjoy all too much, we might never get an answer.

What do you think?

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