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Report Reveals MMO Growth and Revenues

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A new report on the potential of the MMO market has been published by GlobalCollect, as well as a few revelations about just how much we all spend on our gaming habit. After my Devil's Daily last night, it's nice to see that all my speculation was supposedly entirely off base.

It looks like MMO gaming is getting bigger than ever, and that more than 20% of money spent on gaming comes from the MMO sector. Not bad for a genre built around free-to-play.

Asian Conquest

The most eye opening fact to come from this report is that that 20% (or 21.2%, if you want to be specific) is worth a whopping $14.9 billion dollars. Some rich guy somewhere must absolutely love the simplicity of just paying to win.

Talking of whopping numbers, 64% of those billions and billions of dollars comes from Asia. That shouldn't be a surprise to anybody that's actually played on a worldwide server before, or someone who has tricked their way into an Asian-only beta, but that number is probably a little higher than most expect. This is probably what people mean when they say that the NA territory doesn't really care about MMOs.

That don't care enough to put in over $9 billion dollars, anyway.

Further to that, Malaysia, Thailand and Korea are the biggest boom areas, each growing more than 100% in the last 12 months. With that said, on average people pay more per transaction in Europe and America than they do in Asia. It sure as hell adds up though.

MMO Fraud and Massive Growth

Whilst console gaming will see a 1% drop in interest this year, MMOs will grow by 14%. That's only impressive until you hear that mobile gamers - already a spend-happy bunch - will increase their spending by over 30%.

The US does get an honourable mention though. That's the location from which more and more people are requesting refunds after spending on something MMO related. Not the regular free-to-play stuff either, but from sites that promise something and don't deliver. What does this mean for the industry?

We trust too easily!

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