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SKILL Special Force 2 Announced

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skill special force 2Soldier Front 2 will be released in Europe with another title and both titles are entering closed beta soon. This is definitely the year of first person shooter games. Gameforge is the publisher of SKILL Special Force 2 in Europe whereas the game is known as Soldier Front 2 in North America and it is going to be published by Aeria. The free to play title is about to enter Closed Beta soon. The game is Unreal 3 based and it has all the classic elements of a shooter game, except for one unique feature: Clan Management in-game. Read on to see the trailer and read about this interesting feature.


SKILL: Special Force 2 enters Closed Beta

At least only in Europe, in North America it's known as Soldier Front 2. That's the bad news for you if you've been thinking about jumping into every new shooter game. Today, Gameforge announced its upcoming free to play shooter MMO that is powered by Unreal 3 engine and is enhanced with a specially crafted sound system according to its developer. In the first set of screenshots and trailer, you will see the classic gameplay elements, power of Unreal 3 engine (as we are used to it) and the astonishing sound effects but you won't see one feature that is the in-game clan management.


SKILL stands for Secret Kommando: Infiltrate. Liquidate. Liberate.

In game clan management

Clan management feature is particularly what we want to take a closer look at, whenever the game is available here. If you've been playing MMOs for years, you probably have managed a clan or two at some point. And if you have, you must know what a big task it is to keep on managing an active clan. With all the planning, communicating and tournament organizations, clan management is a time consuming task. Gameforge is aiming to make life easier for clan members with the in game clan management system in SKILL Special Force 2. This in game clan/guild management will allow clan members to chat in game, organize matches, recruit new players along with many clan functions. Until we review SKILL Special Force 2, enjoy this announcement trailer and new screenshots.

Visit the European site here

Visit the North American site (Soldier Front 2) here



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