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Star Trek Online developer says they may remove PvP.

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This is rare. How many times have you seen a developer admitting failure? Star Trek Online's developer at Cryptic, in his latest PvP blog post, says that he, who is the only one working on PvP, considers the removal of PvP from the Sci-Fi MMO as he thinks it might be too late to save it. Read on for details.




Star Trek Online PvP=fail, says the developer

This is not a rumour. This is a fact. Star Trek Online's developers are considering to remove PvP from the Sci-Fi MMO as they believe they might not be able to save it. According to the post, STO's PvP has not been popular at all as the numbers shows that only a small group of players are even interested in playing PvP in Star Trek Online.

I don’t think I can be any clearer on this point. You the players don’t like it, we the developers don’t like it and all the data we pull from the servers backs up the statement as well. Now, we could start discussing why PVP is the way it is.

Star Trek Online

And once again, we come to the same question, just like we discussed in our latest article, Should we ditch the Subscription? Star Trek Online is one of the MMOs that has recently gone free-to-play and the exact reason why Cryptic is considering the removal of a game feature such as PvP, is that because they know they can not allocate all their resources to save the PvP element. Obviously, the developer who wrote the post is the only developer at Cryptic that is working on the PvP side of Star Trek Online. Time will tell but things don't look great for Star Trek Online fans who spend a lot of time with the PvP in the game.

Right this moment, I’m the only resource PVP gets. My job is to figure out if I can find a way to improve the entire system in a way that does not impact development of the rest of the game in any significant way.

Source: STO Blog

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