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The Secret World: The Result of the Mayan Exploit

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The Secret World End of Days event

If you have been following us during the End of Days event in The Secret World, we had posted a video here showing a group of players farming and exploiting thanks to the unlimited sources of Mayan Undeads in the game, which was never the intention of game developers at Funcom. Because of the exploits, Funcom was not able to rank the top 1000 of the End of Days event. So what did they do? They decided to give the same rewards to anyone who participated in the event. You wish you had now, don't you!


The Secret World: Rewards for all, thanks to the Exploit

Who would have thought? Some players must be thanking those who discovered the Mayan exploit during the End of Days event in the modern day MMORPG "The Secret World". 

DevilsMMO readers may remember the video below titled Maya Style Farming, that we posted a while ago. Apparently there were locations where Mayan undeads would respawn so fast, some players were able to gain incredible amounts of points, just by farming at these locations. Funcom dev, after the completion of the event, saw that it was impossible to create a fair ranking and reward the top 1000 players, they have decided to reward everyone who participated in the event.

Here is the official announcement:

During the course of the contest however we noticed that some players were able to exploit the mechanics and reach impossible amounts of points which in terms altered the rankings to unrealistic results. This of course is not what we had in mind with this contest so we today decided to change the way we give out rewards for the event:

Everyone who participated in the "End of Days" event receives both the title as well as the pet today. You can get your rewards over the claim window.

What do you think?

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