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Ultra Street Fighter IV revealed

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ultra street fighter 4How can anyone not like Street Fighter? Street Fighter is my all time favorite along with Mortal Kombat when it comes to arcade gaming. The King of the Streets back in 90's, is still the king. There has not been a bigger fighting game in the history of games. Today, Capcom has released a new trailer for the upcoming Street Fighter game; Ultra Street Fighter IV that first shows its popularity and then gives us a sneak peek at the legendary title. Ultra Street Fighter IV is going to be released on consoles and the PC next year. 


Ultra Street Fighter IV

Street Fighter, the game that made arcade centers our backyards in 90s is coming back. Well, actually it's not like it's been gone for too long. This is one of the titles that we just won't forget. Not that I am complaning at all. I am one of those Street Fighter fanatics that didn't hesitate spending $200 on a Namco classic arcade stick. Today we have the new trailer for Ultra Street Fighter 4 that's scheduled to be released for PC, XBOX and PS3 in 2014. So far we know that there will be 5 brand new characters, making it 44 characters in total, and a refined gameplay.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 is going to have all the original modes that we know, as well as some new ones. There are new stages and new costumes (part of DLCs). The six new battlegrounds are: Pitstop 109, Mad Gear Hideout, Cosmic Elevator, Blast Furnace, Half Pipe and Jurassic Era Research Facility. Enjoy the video for some new gameplay from Ultra Street Fighter IV.


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