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Wildstar: Latest Screenshots Reveal Deradune Zone Hunters

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Deradune Zone screensIt's fascinating to see more of Wildstar, one of the most anticipated MMOs of the year. Carbine Studios let us know last week that it would start revealing more of the game in the coming weeks, and today they started doing so. This new set of screenshots take us back to the Deradune Zone, home to a variety of creatures such as the malverines and moodies. Continue reading for the latest screens of the zone.


Deradune Zone - Wildstar

Deradune Zone is the home to predators and various creatures. The zone is one of the most popular spots for Wildstar's hunters. With dangerous predators, it is often the final destination for many of those hunters. If you remember our last Wildstar post for Deradune Zone, you may remember the Feline Pumera and the Venomous Scrab below. This time we're looking at hunters themselves. You can also see the Deradune zone creatures we have posted before.

Deradune Zone Screenshot 1

Deradune Zone hunters

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