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World of Tanks 8.1 To Introduce British Tanks

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World of Tanks update 8.1

World of Tanks' latest update 8.0 was incredible. It introduced the new physics engine and lighting improvements but it seems that it was only the begining. Today, Wargaming announced the details of the upcoming Update 8.1. Update 8.1 is going to introduce the highly anticipated line of the British tanks such as Vickers Medium Mk I and FV 214 Conqueror. Continue reading to see the first set of screenshots and read what Update 8.1 will feature.



World of Tanks Update 8.1 Will Feature British Tanks

British Tanks are finally coming to the battlefields in World of Tanks. Wargaming announced the Update 8.1 for its combat MMO game today. The upcoming update is going to feature 22 British tanks including the likes of Centurion Mk. I-IV and the Centurion Mk. V-XI and Churchill heavy tanks.

Mike Zhivets, World of Tanks Producer said: "The Brits invented the first tank, pioneering the evolution of the whole industry, and it's an honor for us to greet them in World of Tanks." They are so close, you can hear their tracks rolling!

Matilda mediums, Vickers Mediums, Churchill Heavies and light tanks will all debut in Update 8.1, to be followed by tank destroyers and SPG's in the future updates as well as the FV-214 conqueror heavy weight tank.

British Tanks in World of Tanks 8.1

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All these iconic steel war-machines will change the balances in World of Tanks, forcing players to update their battle strategies accordingly.

And that's not all Update 8.1 is about. The update will also bring the enhanced rendering and lighting system on five more battle arenas; Province, El Halluf, Dragon Ridge, Abbey, and Prokhorovka. Soviet SU-11 44, the German PzIV Schmalturm VI and the Panther M10 premium tanks will also become available.

These are the first screenshots featuring these British tanks from World of Tanks Update 8.1.



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