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World of Warplanes game modes revealed in new dev video

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World of Warplanes game modes

Wargaming developers are working on the company's next combat MMO game featuring Warplanes and its several game modes. With the success of World of Tanks, the developer obviously knows what makes a good combat MMO but that's still not an easy task. Yesterday, they released the part 3 of the World of Warplanes developer diary video series. In this new video they talk about the try and fail experiments they have been doing with World of Warplanes' game modes.



World of Warplanes - Developer Diary 3 - Discussing game modes

Even if you develop a game like World of Tanks, when you try to take the combat into air, it's expected to run into complications in development. That's what you will hear about in the part 3 of World of Warplanes Developer Diary video series. 

World of Warplanes Superiority

In this part 3, producer and creative manager discuss how they gave up on the capture-the-base idea they initially had for World of Warplanes. The plan was to allow a warplane fly over a base and therefore capture it. After several attempts without any luck, specifically when they had a larger map and warplanes had high speeds, they decided it was time to find another idea.

Producer Anton Sitnikau says "So, we saw down for a brainstorming marathon and discussed over a dozen possible game mode alternatives."


Superiority game mode

Finally the developers agreed on one of the game modes they have discussed. The main mode for World of Warplanes is "Superiority". In Superiority mode, players start a match in a battle arena with 14 teammates and 15 enemies. The main objective is to either hunt down all hostile warplanes or destroy a certain amoung of the enemy's ground targets.

While the ground-attack planes take care of artillery and ground targets, light and heavy fighters will focus on taking down enemy warplanes. Once a player destory a ground target, his team will be awarded with control points. This battle ends once a team has secured all of the available ground control points. There is another way to win this battle and that's by shotting down all the enemy planes. 

According to the producer, this game mode: Superiority is being played by the game's beta participants and it will take some time as they tune it for final release. 

Superiority won't be the only game mode in World of Warplanes as the devs are currently discussing other options. 


Another game mode, the devs are working on is the "Escort". In Escort game mode in World of Warplanes, players will be escorting a group of AI controlled bombers and the other team, the enemy team will try to hunt down the bombers and its escorts. 

We will be keeping an eye on this and let you know of the other game modes when they are revealed.

Steep learning curve and Training mode

World of Warplanes is going to be harder to learn when compared to World of Tanks, says producer of the game. To help players learn the essentials of aircraft control and combat, there will be a training mode which includes flight control and PvE gameplay exercises.

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